Circular Reading Room of Stockholm public library.

About This Blog

Hi, I’m MJ! This is a blog about Great Literature in the Western tradition. I have read the classics since youth, pursued advanced degrees in English, taught literature in university classrooms for seventeen years, and talked about it with many other literature lovers. Through all, my enthusiasm for “the Greats” has only continued to grow.

I am here to share that enthusiasm with you, drawing on my conversations about literature with people ranging from beginning university students to expert readers. I will also share some tips for getting more out of what you read, and some of my own thoughts about some of my favorite classics. The ultimate aim: to create a community to talk about what reading classic literature has to offer us and our contemporary culture. Click “Read More” to see if this site is for you.

Is this site for you?

• YES, if you never quite saw the point of reading good literature. Come here and explore what it might have to offer you.
• YES, if you are curious about the classics, but don’t know how to extract their meanings. Come here and learn.
• YES, if you are always reading something, but classics have never been your books of choice. Come discover why wine is finer than water.
• YES, if literature is your profession. Come and share your expertise with us.
• YES, if you are in love with literature, and want to join in the never-ending discussions that great books inspire.


Mary Jane is a longtime literature lover who lived in the Cincinnati area for many years, then in central Louisiana for three years (what a treat!), teaching literature classes at universities in both locations. Now back in the Cincinnati area, she pampers her grandchildren, experiments with cooking, and visits art museums as often as possible.