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      Shamsundar Bapat

      Years ago, when I used to live in South Africa, one of my favorite past times was to collect the Readers’ Digest books and one book in particular was my favorite. I used to read it often; the problem is I no longer remember its name. The book described different geographical places on earth. I still remember some chapters:
      The mighty Amazon (on the Amazon river of course )
      Travel down the river Mississippi
      Tehran by the night
      Cape Town
      Banaras the holy city etc.

      The book I think was published sometime in the eighties. As mentioned, the problem is I am not able to remember its name. Would it be possible for you to tell me the title of this book from the above information?

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      MJ Booklover

      I’m sorry–that book is not familiar to me. Maybe one of our readers will know it and post here! I hope you find it.

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